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Linux: remove root access in ssh

The goal is to remove the exposure of our server to root access attempts via ssh. Because on the Internet, some servers used by hackers, do automatic scans and target the ssh root access. Our use of fail2ban (voir l’article)… Continue Reading →

Protect yourself from ssh intrusions with fail2ban on CentOS

By default on CentOS iptables are used as a firewall. If it is not, the following will change slightly (especially at the ‘ban action’ level). It does exist a configuration file /etc/fail2ban/jail.conf. We do not modify this one otherwise if… Continue Reading →

Onlyoffice, a self-hosted alternative to Google Docs and Microsoft Online office

You may not know this logo yet: Yet it is worth knowing. It is the best alternative to Google Docs and Microsoft Online Office. One of the very big strengths: we can host OnlyOffice ourselves. That’s precisely where its interest… Continue Reading →

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